Finding the right replacement bulb(s) for your fly trap is not as easy as it seems. What bulb(s) wattage do you need? What bulb(s) length fits in your light trap? What’s is the bulb(s) diameter?


With those questions in mind, let’s take a look at Quantum bulbs (the premium UVA bulbs on the market). Let’s discover the meaning of bulb etchings, which will guide you to the right bulb(s) for your fly trap.

What does “BL” or Blacklight mean?
“BL” or blacklight refers to ultraviolet light (UVA), which is visible to many pest insects. UVA light is commonly used within fly lights. A blacklight bulb lacks a filter, which allows visible blue light emission. The reason you see a bluish color emitted from your fly light.

How do you distinguish a shatter-resistant bulb from a standard bulb?
Look for the dark ring at the end of the bulb (see image below). Shatter-resistant coating is a protective sleeve over a standard bulb. Within sensitive food handling areas, shatter-resistant coating assures containment of broken glass and bulb contents in case of breakage. Shatter-resistant coating is transparent, allowing >94% of UVA light emission to assure maximum filth fly attraction and captures.

Be sure to measure the bulb from pins to pins for the correct length.

What is the difference between Quantum bulbs and standard BL350 Bulbs?
To find out, go to the UVA Bulb Comparison Chart. Additionally, if you know the model of your fly light, you can easily find the replacement bulb(s) through our lamp conversion reference chart.

What do you do with your burnt-out bulbs?
Did you know it is illegal to dispose of burnt-out bulbs in the trash or dumpsters? Mercury is an essential component of fluorescent bulbs, including “Green tip” and compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs. All fluorescent bulbs must be disposed of properly.

For smaller quantities of burnt-out bulbs, the Mad Hatter® pollution prevention service is a cost-effective, responsible, regulatory compliant, and convenient way of recycling. Mad Hatter® is not limited to burnt-out fly light bulbs as you can include burnt-out bulbs from overhead fluorescent lighting.

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