Regardless of size, we all despise outdoor flies. You can bring demise to filthy flies. Control can begin before they get in!


A significant number of pesky outdoor flies are House flies. Adult House flies are ¼” to under ½” long with two large reddish-brown eyes on the first body section or head, four stripes on the top of the second body section or thorax, and yellowish underneath the third body section or abdomen.

Living about 60 days, adult flies consume liquified food with sponge-like mouthparts two or more times a day. Flies cannot live without water for more than 2 or 3 days. No food; no flies!

In warm-weather rapid reproduction, an adult female House fly may place up to 750 eggs in a lifetime. Eggs are placed upon decomposing vegetation, animal wastes, and trash. Eggs hatch and 3 stages of maggots feed, change into pupae, and then emerge as adult flies.

House flies can fly at 4.5 mph with up to 15 mph bursts, which allows migrations of 65 feet to 27 miles. Wherever there are people, there are House flies. Large numbers of House flies can be a significant nuisance, which can cause anxiety in people and pets. Additionally, filthy House flies contaminate surfaces and food with saliva, feces, and pathogens.


Here is the checklist to help you get rid of outdoor flies:

  • ☑ Replace exterior blue Mercury vapor lighting with yellow Sodium vapor lighting or exterior white light bulbs with exterior yellow “bug bulbs”
  • ☑ Keep vegetation trimmed (avoid flowering plants)
  • ☑ Drain standing water
  • ☑ Remove exterior decomposing materials (clean gutters)
  • ☑ Remove any dead animals and animal feces
  • ☑ Remove fallen tree fruit
  • ☑ Dumpsters should be on cement pads further than 50 feet from the building
  • ☑ Dumpster must be large enough and emptied often enough to exceed trash output
  • ☑ Dumpster must be leak-proof, no holes, no rust, and drain-plug-in-place
  • ☑ Dumpster lid must be kept closed in between uses (locked if necessary)
  • ☑ Dumpster must be kept free from grease, food residues, and debris (no smell of rotting trash)
  • ☑ Regularly clean the dumpster and enclosure with the specialized microbe-based cleaner, DumpsterGuard
  • ☑ Don’t place un-bagged, raw trash into the dumpster
  • ☑ Don’t drag trash bags or throw trash bags into the dumpster (trash spill prevention)
  • ☑ Place an outdoor fly light, such as the Titan 200 IP, Titan 200 IP adjacent to the dumpster to attract and kill adult flies
  • ☑ Keep recycle bins and stationary trash containers upwind from the exterior building doors
  • ☑ Regularly clean recycle bins, stationary trash containers, and trash carts with DumpsterGuard
  • ☑ Trash containers must have tight-fitting lids
  • ☑ Place trash in heavy-duty trash bags
  • ☑ Be sure the trash bag is the correct size for the trash container or no more than a 4-inch overhang (double-bag heavy-wet trash)
  • ☑ Clean-up food spills immediately
  • ☑ Use air curtains to push flies out
  • ☑ Use directional fans to push flies away
  • ☑ Use automatic door closers with remote sensor devices
  • ☑ Use fly screens in windows and doors (keep in good repair)
  • ☑ Seal all cracks and gaps


In addition to the checklist, be absolutely sure filth flies don’t persist. Place an outdoor, weather-proof PestWest Titan 200 IP fly light and flies are out of sight!

With a splash-proof rating to IPX4,18 Watts of powerful attraction, easy installation, and low operating costs, the Titan 200 IP provides optimal outdoor fly control for livestock operations, zoos, orchards, golf courses, and sensitive outdoor restaurant and cafe’ dining areas.

With ever-increasing numbers of outdoor pesky filth flies, an outdoor, weather-proof fly light creates lots of “buzz” away from your sensitive outdoor area. So, bring demise to filthy flies. Control can begin before they get in.


Titan 200 IP