Scent Savor - Tea Tree - Gallon

An odor neutralizer with an environmentally friendly formula
Product code
  • NOT a masking agent
  • Neutralize ammonia, smoke, fish, animal, rodent, urine, spoiled foods, animal odors and many others
  • Suitable for ULV application
  • An ANYWAY spray trigger is included with 32oz quarts (sprays at all angles)
  • Available in 32oz quarts and 128oz gallon with tea tree scented and neutral unscented version
Area of use: Hotels/motels, homes, apartments, theaters, livestock pens, rendering plants, landfills, food processing, waste water treatment, basements, crawlspaces, attics, kennels and shelters, solid waste transfers stations, septic systems, portable toilets, cruise ships, non-food areas of food processing plants, garbage areas and many more.


(Lamp, glue board and starters are excluded)

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EAN 5055436701606
Product reference BIOSAVGAL / 610-000124
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