Demi-Diamond® Fruit Fly Sticky Trap Combo Pack

Cost effective sticky trap fruit fly monitor.
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  • Cost effective: reusable station, no electricity required
  • Inspection at a glance: place on walls, underneath bar tops or shelving to monitor insect activity
  • Combo packs are ready to use and contains 10 monitors, 50 yellow replacement sticky pads, and double stick tape to easy application
  • 30 ml reservoir at the bottom of the station allows you to add your own pest lure or attractant to the station
  • Simply pour a small amount of beer, vinegar, wine to the reservoir as a natural pest attractant or use PestWest pheromones to target specific pests such as the webbing clothes moth or Indian Meal Moth.
  • Ideal for food processing plants and warehouses, hospitals, clinics, supermarkets, pet stores, restaurants, delis, convenience stores, schools, residential homes, and many more


(Lamp, glue board and starters are excluded)

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Dimensions Each monitor assembled is 2”L x 2”W x 6”H
EAN 5055436701392
Product reference 110-000237 / DD000