CSI Kit (Professional Bed Bug Detection)

The CSI kit uses a specialty blue light in conjunction with orange to contrast proteins from bed bugs, blood, feces, caste skins and eggs.

  • Cutting your inspection time by hours, the blue-light is used to visualize latent signs and other physical infestation evidence, wear orange goggles which are included in the kit
  • The blue LED flashlight: About 11 years of LEDs’ lifetime; made of Aerospace-grade aluminum tempered Pyrex Lens; w/ Mil-Spec Type III hardanodized; Shock tested with a drop test of ten feet
  • Rechargeable battery: an estimated life of 300 hours without a significant decrease in power output.
  • Bed bug life cycle disc: actual eggs, nymphs and both female and male adults can be viewed at a glance providing an illustration of bed bug life cycle

Kit includes:

  • One (1) blue high intensity recharable flashlight
  • One (1) pair of orange filter premium goggles
  • One (1) pair of needle nose forceps
  • Three (3) specimen 4x magnifyers
  • Live hinge carrying case
  • One (1) Bed Bug specimen life cycle ID disc – NEW FOR 2016!

Replacement components are readily available.

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